I was very pleased in every way.  Serenity played an essential role in the overall success of my surgery.  I am very grateful to all of you!   And I would definitely use your services and trust myself in your care again.

Everything was excellent.  I would highly recommend Serenity to anyone that’s looking for an aftercare surgery facility.  Your nursing staff is excellent and the room was amazingly comfortable

I did not mark “excellent” to impress you!  I find your facility to be above and beyond my expectations.  I have traveled and lived in different countries, and have seen and experienced many hotels and medical facilities, and I could not have been happier or more satisfied with the quality, competency, cleanliness, efficiency, and most all the friendly and loving care of your nurses.  You have picked the very best group of people.  I applaud you a million times for taking such responsibility for your clients.  Bravo!

My overnight stay was superior!  The entire staff was friendly, professional and caring – I had no idea what to expect and was quite impressed from start to finish.

To quote my husband, “Serenity is like the Four Seasons with nurses.”  My great results and healing were due in part to the excellent care I received at Serenity.  I would highly recommend your facility!

I was very glad that I stayed at Serenity for 2 nights after my surgery because I got excellent care that would have been impossible to receive at home.  The nursing staff was fantastic!  The transportation to my doctor’s office both days was a godsend!  I would recommend Serenity to everyone receiving plastic surgery.  It was a great value!

My stay could not have been any better!  The staff was very friendly and competent.  I am an R.N. and I feel my care was exceptional.  It was a very good experience.  Thank You!

Your staff is competent, capable, efficient, compassionate, excellent!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the care I received.  Everything was perfect from the moment you picked me up until the moment I was discharged.  Thank you so much.

This was an astounding experience.  I cannot imagine a more relaxing setting in which to recover.  This made the first night after my operation a lot more tolerable.  Thank you!

My experience at Serenity exceeded my expectations.  The entire staff was highly competent and most responsive to my needs and requests.  I have spoken to my doctor about my very positive experience at your facility and strongly encouraged him to recommend Serenity to all his patients requiring post-surgery care.

A multitude of gratitude to Norman and the entire staff of Serenity for their kindness and generosity and most especially their tender loving care.  Being able to spend a couple of days at Serenity helped me make a smoother transition from the hospital to my home.  Thanks.

Staying at Serenity after my facelift was a very positive experience.  Thanks to the extremely capable, intelligent, sensitive nursing care that I received.  The staff was not only reassuring and competent, but also fun!  Also, the reservation process was excellent as well.  I would highly recommend Serenity to my friends.  Thank you for the excellent care.

My experience at Serenity well exceeded my expectations.  The sheets, the beds, the food, the staff and the facility were extremely impressive.  The care and concern for my recovery was sincere and appreciated.  Thank you for an outstanding experience.  I will share this information with anyone who asks.  Thank you.

This was my second stay at Serenity.  It’s really like a vacation after surgery.  Talk about pampering!  Everyone is so very nice and couldn’t do more for you.  I couldn’t say enough nice things about Serenity.  And, you can “quote me!”